Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peach Ambition

In my last blog entry, I stated that I planned to do some canning this summer. Well, wonder of wonders, I actually did it! I spent the better part of my morning messing up my kitchen canning a slew of peaches! How many are in a slew? I'm not exactly sure. And, why is it called canning when you’re actually using jars, not cans? Shouldn’t it be called jarring?

I started with this many peaches:

Which, I thought, would yield quite a lot of canned peaches. Well, by the time I blanched, shocked, peeled, cut, simmered, and jarred all those peaches, my final yield was:

2 quarts and 3 pints! I thought it would be more, but these will sure taste good in the winter! Besides, it’s only the beginning of peach season, and I have LOTS more jars. I can, if I choose, buy more peaches & can them, too. Can’t wait to taste the fruits of my labor! (pun intended… HA!) What do you plan to can, preserve, sauce, or jam this summer?

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