Friday, January 25, 2008

First step!

She did it! She took a step! Last night, I had been home from school for about 15 minutes. Rob, Grace, and I were hanging out in our room - Rob and I were talking about our day, and Grace was playing with a toy. She was standing at the bed, hanging on - when she let go - no big deal, she'd done that before - but then, she took a step, without holding on to anything!!! We waited to see if she would take more, but then she seemed to realize what she had done, and quickly grabbed the edge of the bed again. Since then, we have tried many times to encourage her to take another independent step, but she is reluctant to let go of the security of having something to hold on to.

We will keep encouraging her, but we won't try to push her before she's ready. We don't want to scare her away from the incredible world of the bipeds. She will walk when she is ready. For now, it's enough that she took that first step, and that Rob and I were both there to see it as it happened. What a magical moment!

~ Kate :)


OTRgirl said...

It's so cool that you were both there together. What a neat moment.

lisabella said...

HI Kate,
Just came across your blog, cute pictures of Grace!
She'll be running around before you know it! Actually since that was a week or so ago, she probably IS running around! They grow so fast!

(Dizzy Dawg)