Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hi All,

Since I haven't blogged in over a month, I've probably lost most of the few readers that I had, but here goes... in case anyone is still paying attention...

We had a wonderful Christmas season. We went to Portland, OR a week or so before Christmas for a few days to get some shopping done, to see my uncle & cousin, and to get away from our tiny little town. While we were there, we got some professional pictures of Grace taken...

We are very happy with how well they came out, but we suffered from a bit of sticker shock. We won't go to Sears again - we learned the hard way!

When we got home, we STAYED home, at my insistence, for Christmas this year. It was just us for Christmas dinner... I made a yummy homemade 4-cheese pasta dish that Rob had been wanting me to make for quite some time. He said it was almost exactly like his favorite pasta dish that he used to get in Sacramento before the restaurant closed. Grace loved it as well, since she adores pasta and cheese.

We had a small, casual, fun gathering at our house for New Year's Eve. Since almost everyone in attendance had small children, and no one was staying until midnight, we did a champagne toast at 8pm (Pacific Time).

Now another semester has started - I am taking Advanced Financial Accounting and an upper-division Business Law class. Rob just discovered that he may not need the Monday night class he's signed up for... he has to meet with his advisor to figure it out though. It would be great if he could drop it, because if he does take it, he's gone from 7am until after 9pm on Mondays...a very long day for both of us.

Grace is doing great, she's growing like a weed! She will now stand, unsupported, for up to 5 seconds or so. I expect she will take those first few steps within a week or two. Then the fun really starts! I did take her out in the snow one day last week, thinking that she would enjoy being outside, and be excited about the new experience...

Needless to say, I brought her in pretty quickly. Hopefully next year she will enjoy playing in the snow...

Our Bible study is continuing to meet on Thursday nights. We are studying "The Mortification of Sin" by John Owen. We are finding it very theologically rich, encouraging, and convicting!

That's all for now. May the New Year bring you love, happiness, and prosperity!


~ Kate :)

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OTRgirl said...

Great pics! Glad life is going well.