Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, another year has come and gone. Yesterday was my birthday. To celebrate, we hired a babysitter and went to the movies on Friday night. We saw "Bee Movie," the animated movie about bees starring Jerry Seinfeld. It was surprisingly hysterical! Sure, we had to suspend disbelief - a LOT - but it was very entertaining nonetheless.

Rob and Grace picked out a few gifts for me - a new pair of pink pajamas with tiny little bells on them (Grace LOVES the bells!), a couple of things from Bath & Body Works (always a good choice), and Ratatouille on DVD, with an accompanying special addition DVD of Food Network cooks creating some of their favorite recipes! Grace also signed her card herself, with Papa's help. All of this after I had picked out my own gift last weekend - a brand-new Bible cover and colored pen set! Since that was on the spendy side, I wasn't expecting much else, but was pleasantly surprised.

Rob also bought me a cake, and surprised me by having the neighbors come over and sing "Happy Birthday!" It was very sweet.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am in the midst of studying for a big exam on Thursday. So, after church yesterday, I spent most of the rest of my birthday reviewing accounting articles. That's what I'll be doing today, as well. Kind of overshadowed my birthday, but such is life. It's not a round number this year, not like the number I'll be hitting in 2010.

Although, there is a pretty big number coming up next summer - 20 years since my high school graduation! Now that hardly seems possible. Where has the time gone? What are the rest of my classmates doing? I'm in touch with a couple of them - my best friend since the 1st day of Jr High just got her Master's in web design about a year ago, and is working for Boston University. She called me yesteday to wish me a happy birthday, and to tell me about her recent trip to Australia.

The one classmate I have who went to Harvard is working as a developer for a health care company. One guy is a lawyer, but I only know that because I remember it from our 10 year reunion. I've lost track of just about everyone else from good ol' Northampton High, class of '88. I'm sure they are all having birthdays, and wondering where the time has gone, as well. Here's hoping it's been kind to them...

~ Kate :)

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