Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving preparations

Here is my Thanksgiving menu:

Stuffing/dressing (depending on your heritage)
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potato casserole
Blue Hubbard Squash
Pesto Palmettos
Homemade cranberry sauce
Green bean casserole (from scratch - no canned stuff)
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie

I am making enough food to feed an army! We invited 6 people, other than Rob, Grace, and I, for a total of 9, if everyone came. Of those 6 people, only one has accepted. So, I am cooking a Thanksgiving feast for 3 adults and a near-toddler. Crazy, right? Why go to all that trouble? Why cook for 3 days (I'm starting today) for one guest? I'll tell you why - because I LOVE it. I absolutely adore cooking for people. I am so thankful that our 1 friend is coming, and I intend to treat him to a Thanksgiving dinner to rival his mom's.

We have a friend down the street who ministers to international students, and we asked him to let us know if any of them need somewhere to eat Thanksgiving dinner. My grandmother suggested a sign on the lawn, advertising a good hot meal for anyone who is hungry. Regardless of whether we have just the one guest, or 20 unexpected people show up and I have to scramble around to prepare more food, I am so very thankful to serve whoever chooses to grace my table.

God does no less for us. I marvel that God would have sacrificed His son for only me, if I were the only one that needed saving. God invites everyone to His table. If you can't join me this Thanksgiving (and you're more than welcome to, if you're anywhere near Eastern Washington), won't you join God? He has set a place for you...

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