Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

The pies are done, the sweet potato casserole and the stuffing are ready to go into the oven, and the turkey is anxiously awaiting my attention. I still have to make the mashed potatoes, the pesto palmettos, the green bean casserole, and the cranberry sauce. What a bounty of food we have!

Now apparently there is a grass roots movement to rename "Thanksgiving," and call it "Turkey Day" instead. This is because the Politically Correct Police are somehow offended by the idea of a whole day being set aside to give thanks. Apparently they feel that there is a belief system being thrust upon them by forcing them to remember that, once upon a time, native Americans helped out the Pilgrims by showing them what crops would grow in the harsh New England climate, and by helping them hunt for meat (which the vegetarians want us to do away with), and sharing a meal with them.

I recently watched a show on the Food Network called "The Secret Life of Thanksgiving." The host pointed out that it is highly unlikely that turkey was consumed during that first Thanksgiving meal. How ironic would it be if the holiday were renamed for a food that wasn't even present at the meal that the day commemorates? The Pilgrims and Native Americans most likely ate lobster and cod as part of that first meal. Maybe we should rename it "Seafood Day?"

I am thankful that the 4th Thursday in November is still called Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the abundance of food in my kitchen, and for family and friends with whom to share it. We now have TWO guests coming, and I am thankful for both of them! I am thankful for our little house, our wonderful neighbors, the Native Americans who helped those Pilgrims, and most of all, I am thankful to God, without whom none of these blessings would be ours.

What are you thankful for? Whatever it is, I pray that you and yours have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

~ Kate :)

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