Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cat & Mouse (and dog & baby)

Well, we've done it now. After Rob's glue trap that we set in the basement caught not one but TWO mice in the same night, we decided to take the plunge and get a cat. We saw in the one-page local bulletin that someone was giving away a 6-month old spayed female. I called the number, and yes, she was still available. So, I arranged to meet her at a house that is, providentially, just around the corner from mine. I arrived a little before the other lady did, and "Mary," the cat, was so happy to see me that she was rubbing up against the window, just begging me to come in! Of course I couldn't, since the door was locked, but I was pretty certain that she'd be coming home with me.

She is a beautiful tri-colored cat with dark reddish-brown being the dominant color. She's also got some black and some tan, and beautiful big brown eyes. We decided to re-name her "Silla." Our dog is Remy, after Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy. Don Orsillo is his partner in the booth, so Silla is short for "Orsillo."

The house in which Silla used to reside is on the main highway through town, so she panicked a bit when the cars went by as I was trying to get her into my car, and gave me a good gash on my upper chest with her razor-sharp talons; but she's not vicious, she was just scared. As for our other 4-legged pet, I'm not sure which one is more scared of the other, the dog or the cat. We are hoping that in a week or two they will be the best of friends, but they have a long way to go.

Grace is very excited; when she saw Silla, she said happily, over & over, "Doggie, oggie, DA, Ah, oggie, oggie, oggie!!!" SOOO cute! We kept telling her "No Honey, that's a kitty, not a doggie!" I think she actually did say "Kitty" once or twice, but in her heart she wants Silla to be another "oggie." Grace managed to get a light scratch as well... she got a little too close for comfort to the new "oggie." When I saw the cat reaching out with her claw, I picked the baby up right away, but I wasn't quite quick enough - my fault, not the scared cat's.

Our plan is to keep Silla in the basement at night, so she can catch/scare away any mice that might be tempted to find their way into our home (It's a finished basement). It seemed to work well last night, and when I got up this morning and opened the basement door (after letting Remy outside), Silla eagerly came running up the stairs. I refilled her food bowl after I realized that Remy had somehow emptied it when we weren't looking last night, and after she ate her breakfast, she cuddled with me on the loveseat while I checked email, etc. Currently she is sitting on the windowsill, growling at the dog on the stoop. *sigh.*

And now, dear reader, Grace is awake. She needs breakfast too. Have a great Lord's Day, and I'll keep you all posted!

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